There’s Nothing Out There For This.

Fair warning, my inaugural blog is going to be a downer.

Ten months ago I lost my mom one minute before 9 am on a Friday. I remember each individual moment of the hours leading up to 8:59 in painful detail, the desperate sound of my phone ringing, my aunt calling telling me and my sister to get back to the hospital now, our mom’s time was short.

I remember when she passed. We were all there, she was quiet. We didn’t realize she was gone until the nurse who came to change the sheets noticed she wasn’t breathing. I remember watching the nurse on call taking her pulse, checking his watch, calling the time.

I remember thinking…what do I do now?

I googled, “what do I do when my mom dies” on my phone in the room as the doctor wrote up paperwork.

The internet had nothing. There is nothing out there for this. I found checklists of what do with the estate. I found blogs on how to plan a funeral. I found lists of easy to make meals, apps that would deliver food and booze to wherever you were.

But there were no answers. No one could tell me what to do now that my mom was dead, and for that very reason, I am writing this blog today.  There should be something out there for this. There should be something out there for us.

So here goes nothing. If you are here looking for these answers, let me start by saying I am here. Let me know if you need anything.